Whiten Your Teeth & Help a Child

By Aspen Dental
Smiles For Life Help a Child Aspen Dental of Cache Valley

Smiles For Life Help a Child Aspen Dental of Cache Valley

If you have thought about getting your teeth whitened recently, now is the best time to do it! From now through June, when you have your teeth whitened at Aspen Dental, all the money (and we really mean all!) that you spend on the procedure will be donated to charity. We are giving all of the proceeds to the Smiles for Life Foundation, and they will then give half of that to The Family Place, also in Logan, Utah. Smiles for Life helps underprivileged children in local communities and all over the world by providing them with dental care. For more information about Smiles for Life, visitsmilesforlife.org. The Family Place is an organization in Logan devoted to helping families develop strong, healthy relationships with each other, and they offer childcare, specialized classes for kids and adults, and counseling to the community. Last year, we raised about $3,800 during this promotion; half of it went to Smiles for Life and the other half went to Cache Valley for Hope. Our goal this year is to raise double that amount.

For every $500 we raise, the patient who donates the 500th dollar gets to smash a pie in the face of any dentist they want, and if we are able to double what we raised last year, Dr. Wegener will grow back his mustache!

You don’t need to be a regular Aspen Dental patient to participate. If you simply want to donate to a good cause and get your teeth whitened at the same time, we encourage you to contact us.