Laser Dentistry

Dental Laser Technology

smiling laser dentistry patient in Logan UTA laser is an intense beam of light that can be used as precisely as a scalpel. Would you think that lasers are needed in dentistry? They actually give amazing results when used on your oral tissues and dental material. For example, lasers:

  • Help us save more of your natural tooth material during filling procedures.
  • Let us use fewer stitches and improve the recovery process.
  • Carry a lower risk of infection than some other tools.
  • Can help oral tissues heal more quickly after a procedure.
  • Cause less pain than certain dental tools.

Your dentist at Aspen Dental of Cache Valley can use soft-tissue and hard-tissue lasers during procedures. Don’t be alarmed! They are highly trained in their use, and we use only the highest quality of dental lasers, based on studying the latest technology and techniques.

Contact Aspen Dental in Logan UT if you need treatment for gum disease or receding gums treatment, along with thorough dental cleanings and cavity repair.

Dental Laser Treatment

happy smiling couple who had laser dentistry in Cache ValleySome procedures are easier, safer, and more comfortable when we use a laser. Here are some examples: 

  • Receding Gums Treatment: When a patient’s gum line moves too far up the tooth, tooth roots can be exposed, and gums can become infected. We can reshape the gums with a laser and help you manage the condition in the future.
  • Gum Disease Treatment: We use laser dentistry to quickly and precisely destroy bacteria and stimulate new gum tissue growth. The laser is more comfortable for you than traditional tools.
  • Cavity Preparation: If you have a cavity, your dentist can use a laser to clean out your tooth and prepare it to receive a filling. The laser allows us to keep as much of your natural tooth material as possible, helping your tooth structure stay strong.

Those are some of the ways we use lasers in dentistry. You may experience other ones as you come back for regular cleanings. Of course, the ideal is to keep your gums and teeth as clean and healthy as possible so that no restorative services are necessary. Schedule cleanings twice a year!

Call Aspen Dental of Cache Valley for Laser Dentistry

If you need receding gums treatment or another service listed above, please call Aspen Dental in Logan UT now. Plus, you can contact us for any dental work you need. We may or may not need laser dentistry, but we’ll always use our best technology, training, and listening skills to serve you and your family!

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