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Your Dental Implants Dentist in Logan UT

happy couple with beautiful dental implants in Logan UTSo you’ve lost a tooth (or maybe a few) and you’d like to get them back. You’ve probably asked, “what is my best option?” In most cases, your best option is a dental implant – a single tooth solution to a single tooth problem.

Have you lost more than a single tooth? We can secure a set of dentures to teeth implants placed in your jaw.

Implant dentistry means that we can help you replace the tooth, or teeth, you’ve lost, without involving any other teeth in any way. This means no drilling any of your other teeth as we would for dental bridges or partial dentures.


So how does it work? We’ll take a look at the area where you’ve lost a tooth or teeth to ensure that the bone in the area is adequate for dental implants.

Once we have that taken care of, we place the teeth implants in the bone and usually allow you 3-6 months to heal, depending on where the teeth implants are in your mouth.

Once the implant has fused to your bone, we’ll place a connecting piece that we call an abutment into the implant and then put your new crown on it, so you can start smiling and chewing normally again.

We can perform the entire implant dentistry procedure in our Logan UT dentist office, so you do not need to get a referral or juggle offices in order to restore your teeth!

Implant Dentistry Technology

In order to make your dental implant procedures as safe as possible, we have invested in remarkable technology.

During your consultation, we will use a CT scanner to produce a model of your mouth. This model will help us plan your implant dentistry procedure.

When it is time to place your dental implants, we will use our surgical guide, so your implants will be placed in the precise location. This ensures that your new implants are successful!

We know you will appreciate the full benefits of this technology when you come to Aspen Dental in Cache Valley!

older man smiling with great dental implants he got in Cache ValleyWhen You Have Low Bone Density

If you have lost bone density due to tooth loss, you may still be able to have dental implants. We can offer mini dental implants, or we can perform either a bone graft or a sinus lift.

Bone grafts and sinus lifts are procedures that bring healthy bone tissue to areas that have suffered from recession. These procedures can strengthen your bones, so you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants!

What Are the Health Benefits of Dental Implants?

We look at all dentistry from a whole health point of view. Dental implants can help you keep your mouth, gums, and teeth healthy, along with supporting your overall health. How? Teeth implants:

  • Help you chew normally again, allowing you to eat a greater variety of foods and get better nutrition.
  • Cover up the gap left by a missing tooth, helping to prevent infection in the soft tissue— infections which can weaken your whole body’s immune system.
  • Can stimulate and strengthen your jawbone for the long-term. 
  • Keep your bite working correctly, protecting your teeth from getting worn down unevenly.
  • Prevent other teeth from moving into the gap left by a missing tooth.

Plus, implant dentistry and tooth restoration can raise your confidence! We want you to be happy with your smile and see you using it a lot!

woman smiling at camera who got implant dentistry in Logan UTWhat Tooth Restorations Are Available?

The most common way of using teeth implants is to place a beautiful, color-matched dental crown on a dental implant. That will replace a missing tooth, and you can chew with it just like you never lost a tooth!

If you’re missing many teeth, such as a whole row of teeth, we can also place implant-supported dentures on several teeth implants. These dentures will feel very secure as you chew and speak.

Some patients like implant-supported dentures more than traditional dentures because the dentures don’t touch the gums. In a consultation, we can talk about your options and preferences and decide together what you’d like the most.

Do You Provide Mini Implants?

Yes! Each patient’s jawbone is different. If you have a certain type of jawbone, a mini implant will work better for you than standard dental implants. Your dentist will give you a recommendation during your consultation.

The success rate of implant dentistry is extremely high either way. Plus, mini implant surgery can go by really quickly, and you may be able to use the mini dental implant sooner than you would a standard implant.

older man with a wide smile who has dental implants he got in Cache ValleyHow Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants are an investment in your long-term health. Rather than suffer though long, expensive procedures to repair your oral health, you can get teeth implants now that can protect your health in the future!


Of course, there are variations to the process we just described because there can be some circumstances that require other procedures or precautions. Whatever your situation, we can help.

Just give us a call at 435-753-4400 and we’ll help you decide if teeth implants are right for you and your smile. We love giving our Cache Valley patients beautiful smiles using our dental implants!

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