What Should I Do If My Braces Hurt?

By Aspen Dental
What Should I Do If My Braces Hurt?

What Should I Do If My Braces Hurt?

If you just had your braces put on or had them adjusted, you might be feeling some pain or discomfort. Every time you visit your orthodontist, he or she will tighten, bend, replace, or otherwise adjust your archwires to help your teeth gradually shift into alignment. Sometimes this can be painful, but it’s usually no more than a dull ache or your gums feeling sore, and it should subside within a week. In case you can’t wait that long, here are some remedies to help ease the pain.

Use an icepack

Gently pressing an icepack wrapped in a towel to your cheek can help to numb the pain and reduce swelling.

Take an over-the-counter painkiller

Medicine like acetaminophen can reduce pain right away. Just be careful to not take more than the recommended dosage.

Use an oral anesthetic

This is a numbing gel that can be applied right onto your teeth or gums, using your finger or a cotton swab.

Drink cold water

Drinking ice cold water is a great substitute for an icepack to help slightly numb your sore teeth and reduce inflammation.

Orthodontic wax

If the brackets or wires on your braces are causing irritation, you can use orthodontic wax to create a barrier between the bracket or wire and your mouth. Just ask your orthodontist and they will be happy to give you some.

Eat soft foods

To prevent further discomfort, avoid crunchy, hard, or sticky foods. Instead, choose soft foods like yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, soft fruit, mashed potatoes, or soup.

Always inform your orthodontist right away if a wire or bracket breaks. Feel free to visit us at Aspen Dental for information about braces.