What?! Nobody Ever Told Me That Before

By Aspen Dental
What?! Nobody Ever Told Me That Before

What?! Nobody Ever Told Me That Before

Root  Canal VS Pulling a Tooth

When warranted, saving your tooth with root canal therapy is always better than pulling a tooth. Keeping the root of your tooth anchored in your jawbone can help prevent bone loss and preserve the youthful contour of your face. 

Brace Yourself

As an adult, you may be a great candidate for braces.  Correcting crowded, misaligned teeth make it easier to clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy — not to mention it can greatly enhance our appearance!

A Little Goes a Long Way

Sometimes teeth do not fully erupt out of the gum and the outcome is a “gummy” smile. In many cases, this can be fixed with a simple cosmetic surgical procedure. Often a misshapen tooth can be contoured in one quick appointment with no numbing.  Minor adjustments can make major smile improvements. 

For Your Security …

Modern dentistry makes it possible for us to secure a single tooth, multiple teeth, even full mouth removable dentures with state-of-the-art implant technology. It’s the next best thing to your natural teeth.