Prevent Permanent Enamel Loss from Acid Erosion!

By Aspen Dental
Acid Erosion

Acid Erosion

      Beware of acid attacks! Highly acidic foods and drinks that you consume daily can soften – or erode away – your enamel.  Once your enamel is gone, it’s gone for good!! 

      Acid is the main cause of tooth erosion or the etching away of your enamel.  Tooth erosion should not be confused with tooth decay.  In both cases, acids damage the enamel; however, decay also involves a bacterial infection.  Normally, your teeth will remineralize (or re-harden) after a brief exposure to acid, but continual acid exposure doesn’t give your enamel the chance to remineralize.  Over time, erosion can leave your teeth sensitive, cracked and discolored.  It can also cause your teeth to look “sandblasted” or make the worn edges of your teeth appear transparent.  Aside from being irreversible, unsightly and possibly even painful, acid-eroded teeth are a telltale sign of an aging smile! 

      How you can protect your teeth from acid wear: 1-Cut down on acidic foods, snacks, and beverages. 2- Neutralize the acids by drinking water immediately after consuming high acid food or drinks. 3- Use a straw to reduce the number of contact liquids has with your teeth. 4- Rather than snacking on acidic foods throughout the day, eat them during meal times to dilute the acids. 5- Chew sugar-free gum to increase the flow of saliva, as saliva neutralizes acids. 6- Eat a piece of cheese to neutralize the acid.

      Don’t make the mistake of self-diagnosing.  Rely on our expertise and personalized care.  When erosion has already damaged your teeth, don’t delay.  Discover how veneers, crowns and teeth whitening can restore the look and function of your teeth.