About Sealants

By Aspen Dental


What are Sealants?   They are a plastic coating that acts as a barrier, protecting enamel from plaque and acids to help prevent cavities. 

Why get Sealants?   The chewing surface of your teeth are not smooth.  They have grooves and indention’s where plaque and food particles can collect.  The bristles on your toothbrush cannot reach all the way down in the grooves.  Sealants shorten the depth of those grooves allowing the bristles to clean better. 

Which teeth benefit from Sealants?    All adult/permanent pre-molars and molars. 

At what age are Sealants recommended?  On average, at age 6 the first permanent molars erupt and at age 12 the second permanent molars erupt. 

Please come in and see us for all your questions regarding sealants. 

Mary Peterson, RDH