Do you Need a Gum Lift?

By Aspen Dental
Check your Teeth

If you’ve ever hidden your smile from the world because it’s “too gummy”, you may benefit from a gum lift. Also known as gingivoplasty, a gum lift is a procedure using soft tissue lasers to remove and reshape gum tissue to create a more attractive smile. You could also consider a gum lift if you experience the following: Gums which did not recede after a tooth eruption Upper or lower lip that reveals too much gum (like a hyperactive or hypermobile upper lip) Gums which have receded too much over time, show too much tooth surface and create an uneven gum line Gums which have grown over too much of the teeth Teeth which have super-erupted due to grinding teeth Veneers which require gum reshaping The procedure is simple with minimal pain/discomfort and quick recovery time. Thanks to the laser technology used, the gums are cut and then immediately resealed, meaning there will be little to no bleeding at all. The lasers also reduce bacteria because they automatically sterilize the incision, preventing infection. The procedure requires only minimal anesthesia. Following the procedure you may be given an over-the-counter pain medication, such as Tylenol or Advil; however, do not take aspirin, as it can cause bleeding. After the procedure, you will be advised to only eat cold, soft foods, like cold pasta, ice cream, yogurt, soft vegetables, eggs, and cottage cheese. You should not eat spicy or hot foods, or anything with seeds until you have recovered completely. Contact us at Aspen Dental of Cache Valley to ask about our gum lift options.