Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out Even When they Don’t Hurt?

By Aspen Dental

When Wisdom Teeth Don’t Hurt

Many people often ask if they need to remove wisdom teeth that don’t hurt. Keeping your wisdom teeth will require more care when it comes to brushing and flossing those hard to reach areas. So, if your dentist feels they are correctly aligned, there won’t be problems biting or chewing, and feels you will be able to clean and floss those teeth, he may tell you to keep them. Your dentist will look at not just your short-term care but your long-term care as well and will talk to you about all options.  

Wisdom Teeth Telling You it’s Time to Come Out

Visible signs that you or your dentist will detect include decay, misalignment, and partial eruption. All of these have grave effects on the teeth.

Other signs to look for include:

●    Swollen gum tissue

●    Slight pain in the teeth region

●    Gum disease

●    Tumors

●    Prolonged tooth decay

●    Stiffness in the Jaw

●    Cysts

What’s the Perfect Time to get your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Most of the time wisdom teeth are removed from the age of 17-21 your dentist will be able to recommend a prime time for you based on the X-rays. Removing wisdom teeth earlier will make the process easier and healing time is faster for most patients. Also, extractions are best done when things aren’t complicated in life, and your stress level is low. With someone to take care of you after the surgery, it’s easier to rest and let your body heal.