Using Lasers In Our Dental Practice Means to You

By Aspen Dental

We offer laser technology! If a trip to the dentist makes you nervous, Aspen Dental is a good choice for you because using lasers in our dental practice means lower prices and less discomfort for our patients during appointments. They can make many procedures easier for the dentist and the patient. For example, using a dental laser can sometimes eliminate the need for sutures and anesthesia. They can reduce bleeding because the laser helps promote clotting when it cuts through soft tissue. Using laser technology can prevent infections because it sterilizes the area of focus. They cause minimal damage to surrounding tissue and speed up the healing process. There are two types of lasers used in dentistry: hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers. Hard tissue lasers are used to cut through bone and teeth, and soft tissue lasers are used for gums. The wavelength in hard tissue lasers makes it best to use on teeth and bone because it is easily absorbed by a main element found in teeth and bone—hydroxyapatite, also known as calcium phosphate salt. Hard tissue lasers can cut through teeth and bone with exactness. They can be used to detect cavities, treat tooth sensitivity and to prepare teeth for fillings. A soft tissue laser is effective for gums because the water and hemoglobin in red blood cells can absorb its wavelength. It cauterizes blood vessels as it cuts through them, therefore causing patients almost no pain following a procedure. Soft tissue lasers are ideal for performing frenectomies and can be used to reshape a gummy smile.